Woodingdean Community Champions.

The people who make our community flourish

The project:

We are really proud of the Woodingdean Community and the people who contribute to it. The Woodingdean Community Champions is a way to recognise and thank those people.

Its a way of recognising everday people doing extraordinary things for the people in our community.

It works like this:

You nominate the person (or people) that you think make a real difference to the lives of people in Woodingdean – or doing something great in the community. It can be someone who simply takes care of a neighbour or it could be someone who created a group to help people in need .

The community champions panel will review all the entries and will put together a list of Woodingdean Community Champions

The people selected as Woodingdean Community Champions will be contacted and one of our Woodingdean Community Champion photographers (see below) who will arrange a time and date to take a photograph. Our team will write a few words about what contribution each community champion has made to our community.

All the photographs will be displayed at an exhibition that will take place at the Woodingdean Community Centre – short paragraphs detailing the contribution that is being recognised will accompany the photograph.

A book featuring all the images will be produced for permanent display in the Woodingdean Library and a copy will also be given to The Keep where hopefully it will be kept as a part of our Woodingdean History.

The Woodingdean Community Champions Photographers

Alan Barnes

Danny Fitzpatrick

Paul Glyn-Thomas

Alicia Tolhurst Brown

Are all contributing their time for free – so a massive thank you to them.

To nominate an individual or group please fill in the details below. Please note you can make a maximum of three nominations for different individuals or groups.


You may nominate up to 3 individuals or groups on separate entry forms.

If an individual nominates more than 3 individuals or groups all their nominations will be disregarded.

The Woodingdean Community Champions is being supported by funding from the Healthy Neighbourhood fund but we still need to raise more money to help fund the exhibition costs and the book – if you are able to help – please contact jo@woodingdeanplayers.co.uk